How It Works

Overview on How it Works

Here you find a rough overview in 3 minutes on how our video conferencing app works. 

SignUp With Magic Link

We have multiple ways to sign up. The magic link is a new concept without password. In this video we explain you how it works. 

Create Garden

How can you create your first garden after signing up? How can you invite your remote team mates, family and friends?

How to Integrate a Public Flower into Your Website as an iFrame

It’s super easy to integrate public flowers into your website. Please make sure to chose the option “public” at the very moment when creating the seed (first video) of your flower. Then everybody can view the flower publicly. 

Integrate an Interactive Flower Into Your Homepage

You can easily integrate an interactive flower into your hompage. Attention: the flower must be set by its initial creation to “public” in order to obtain the consent of all contributors for publishing their contributions.