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Meetings Reinvented timz.flowers provides an entirely new freedom to all team-members.
There’s no more scheduling stress. Meetings become more efficient and flexible.
Smart Video-Messenger for Asynchronous Group
Time-Independent Meetings

Meetings Reinvented

timz.flowers provide an entirely new freedom to all team-members. There’s no more scheduling stress. Meetings become more efficient and flexible.

More Freedom, Less Planning

No matter where you are, you will never miss a meeting again. You participate asynchronously and simply drop in your statements whenever you have time.

Better Team Alignment

See the faces of your coworkers and get personal connection with them. Anonymous colleagues hidden behind the text-walls belong to the past.

Promoting Innovation

Discussions in timz.flowers open up an entirely new space for collective thinking. The participants can identify problems more easily and find solutions faster.

Higher Statement Quality

Think before you speak. This makes discussions more efficient. In timz.flowers everybody has the time to think deeper and speak smarter.

Time-Zones Friendly

timz.flowers are totally time-zones friendly. Nobody has to get up in the night to sync with the team. You can simply leave your contribution according to your local time.

Documentation of all ideas

In timz.flowers every statement is recorded. The most important statements can be easily identified. Who wants to investigate deeper has the entire meeting available with one click.

We Love

Our interface is called flower. It’s a completely new and organic way of presenting information. Would you like to be part of this innovation?  Become our beta-tester!

Use Cases

Daily Check-In

Scrum teams need a daily check-in. With timz.flowers that’s super easy, independently of time-zones and personal schedules.

Team Discussions

Discuss every topic of importance with the entire team in a relaxed atmosphere and come to better results than ever before. timz.flowers bring a new efficiency and effectiveness into your team discussions.


Your brainstormings will gain better quality in timz.flowers. You can easily integrate external experts and thoroughly investigate every contribution. 


Especially in remote teams timz.flowers creates an amazing emotional closeness. New members can easily get to know their team and ask questions, no matter where they or their colleagues are.

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