Async Video Conferencing

A simple tool for distributed teams to check-in daily, share knowledge and work together.


Stop wasting time in pointless meetings. puts everyone at the same table via short, asynchronous video conversations. Leverage the expertise of your employees and stakeholders. Solve complex problems like no one else can.

Live Video Conferencing


Async Video Conferencing


Step 1

Record a video message

You want to discuss a topic with your team? Create a Flower by simply recording the central video message and invite your teammates to contribute.

Step 2

Reply with time stamps

You’ve been invited to a Flower and want to give your comment to a certain topic? Pause the video at that point and click the plus button. Your answer will be attached exactly at the position where the button was clicked.

Step 3

Navigate through the discussion

The whole system has a fractal structure. You can give answers to answers to answers. Insider tip: use labels to structure the content

Use Cases

Daily Standup

Your daily standups become more efficient and relaxed. Especially if your team is located in different time zones. 

Team discussion

It’s important for all perspectives to be expressed in team discussions. Asynchronous meetings are stress free, well-considered, and produce better results.


In the post-COVID era, you need a powerful remote onboarding of new team members. This is best done in a flower.


Ideas come in the shower, while walking or at night. In a flower brainstorming session, your colleagues can join in at any time.


Your customers have questions? The best way to answer them is in person. In a Flower you are in direct conversation with each other.

Virtual Advisory

In a fast-paced world, we all need expert advice all the time. In a Flower it is extremely time and cost saving to get it.

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