Make Flowers, Not Meetings

 Save up to 90% meeting time.

Increase your team efficiency with Hybrid Video Conferencing.

Skip the Meeting Junk

Get straight to the point.

How much irrelevant information do you  consume every day just to get the few useful bits you need?

How much money do you waste in legacy meetings every day… every week… every month… every year?

Meeting junk slows down your success!

Condense an Hour Meeting Into 10 Minutes

Here’s how:

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Record a video message

You want to discuss a topic with your team? Create a Flower! Simply record the central video message and invite your team mates to contribute.

Step 2

Reply with time-stamps

You want to answer? Simply press the plus button. Your answer will be attached at the exact position.

Step 3

Navigate the discussion

The whole system has a fractal structure. You can give answers to answers to answers. Insider tip: use labels to structure the content

This Is Like Zoom, Right?​

Nope, you communicate mainly asnyc and save so much time!

This Is Like Loom, Right?​

Nope, you hold multi-level discussions with all types of media!

Try It Yourself!​

Click into the flower to discover fascinating use cases.

No plugins. No installation.

Works right away on Chrome, Firefox and Brave.

Shortcut Your Daily Meetings

Listen to our founder and community manager and increase your team efficiency.