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Asynchronous Video Chats – The Perfect Zoom Alternative for a Boredom-Free Remote Workplace!

Most companies are embracing remote work these days, which means they are heavily reliant on Zoom meetings. However, apart from the traditional Zoom meetings and video chats, have you ever thought about the Zoom alternatives that can reduce stress when you ask your colleague, “Would you mind slacking me the important points you jotted down in the meeting?” Well, if you are wondering why asynchronous communication such as Slack and timz.flowers should be preferred over Zoom fatigue, then here’s what you need to know!

Zoom Can Zone You Out

If you are like other employees who get tons of emails and video chat invites every day, then your physical and mental health is in danger, and you are more likely to zone out. It is because when there are no breaks, there is less productivity along with less creativity. Instead of zoning out on Zoom, try some Zoom alternatives that will not bombard you with video calls and emails.

Synchronous Video Chat Drops the Self-Esteem

Many people don’t like the idea of taking to the screen or stage. Similarly, some faces don’t perform as well on camera as others. Still, many people have to  appear on camera, and they suffer from performance anxiety. If they can join a video session with their friends, then their anxiety can be reduced. Even if they must show their faces on screen, they will be confident enough in the presence of their friends that their self-esteem will not be significantly affected.

Less Personal Communication

We see less personal interaction between students and teachers when online classes are held via video-chat platforms. It is evident that teachers can’t focus on each student separately in a short period, which was at least possible during on-campus classes. In this way, video-chat platforms, and most specifically Zoom, have become a one-way medium. This issue highlights the utmost importance of Zoom alternatives.

The Unpredictable Video and Audio Quality

The audio and video quality of Zoom can be harsh and unpredictable. At times, the video is pixelated. As far as the audio is concerned, it can also deteriorate. In very rare cases, you get to see a clear video of the slides that your employer or professor is sharing with you during the Zoom meeting.

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Why Should You Choose Asynchronous Communication?

When hopping on an immediate video call becomes difficult, there’s a lifesaver – asynchronous communication. This type of communication makes it easier for you to interact with several remote teams from different time zones with no interruption. You don’t have to stay at your desk all the time to talk to your colleagues; with asynchronous communication, you have the freedom to respond whenever you like.  

If you are juggling between your full-time and part-time jobs along with a family life that also demands some quality time from you, then this medium of communication can be ideal. Postpone those deadlines that divert attention from your loved ones. Give time to your family in their hour of need by setting aside those meetings for the time being.

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Final Words

Personal interaction is extremely important for us, especially amid the current global situation. In this hour of need, asynchronous communication can be your guardian angel. It improves the efficiency of your remote team by providing an environment that is free from disruptions. With asynchronous communication, you don’t have to respond immediately. If you have a poor internet connection that won’t allow you to answer an important text from your boss, you can rely on asynchronous communication. Similarly, if your teacher is interacting with you via asynchronous communication, then life becomes less stressful because not everything is happening in a hell of a hurry. Whether you want to upload your assignment or a PowerPoint presentation that is putting your grades at stake, asynchronous communication offers disruption-free communication that won’t let you down in front of your professor. 

Teachers can appreciate all their students equally on an asynchronous platform such as timz.flowers, which won’t happen on Zoom. The reason is that half the time during a Zoom meeting, there is a distortion of voices, and the teacher cannot listen to everybody. timz.flowers, however, offers a crystal-clear audio and video chat that makes all your beautiful voices and smiling faces audible and visible to the teacher. 

So if you need a productive and efficient remote environment that won’t put you at a loss, choose asynchronous communication – a powerful Zoom alternative to set you free.

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