All About Async Meetings And More

Async meetings are the future of video conferencing in modern distributed teams. Here’s why.

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Wolfgang Fänderl async video meeting facilitation

Process Facilitation in – the Gardeners View

Wolfgang Fänderl has been an educationalist and facilitator since his youth. He researched counseling, moderation and participation processes at the University of Munich for Bertelsmann Foundation and works in different methods and coaching networks internationally (e.g., Change Handbook). His view on our asynchronous meeting tool is inspired by the garden...

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5 Best Remote Facilitator Tools in 2021

With the COVID crisis, many professions have radically changed, especially that of the facilitator. While face-to-face meetings were still the norm in 2019, by 2020 all processes had moved to remote. It’s impossible to assume that this can be completely reversed. Remote work offers too many benefits to team members...

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the best zoom alternative 2021

The Best Zoom Alternative for 2021

Perhaps you’re looking for a Zoom alternative? Looking back at some of the gigantic economic shifts that we saw through the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most important ones would undoubtedly be the rise of video conferencing.  It was the enabler for teams of all sizes to continue working from...

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async iterations

Async Iterations: The Secret Sauce of Cultural Evolution.

In this post, I would like to take a trip through history, describing in part the world of thought, how came into being, and where I see the potential for further developments. Obviously, we are all living in a phase of rapid change right now.  Subjectively, this is expressed...

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video conferencing software

Why Asynchronous Video Conferencing Software is the Future

This pandemic has certainly shifted the way that the world works.  Global lockdowns stalled in-person connection across the world.  And we were all forced into online video conferencing software to connect with colleagues and make progress on our projects.  At first, everyone was enthusiastic about this change because the novelty...

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asynchronous video

#asyncfirst & #remoteonly – You Must Change Your Life!

We will see companies crumble. We will see a cultural battle. And we will see political parties decline.  You can see the precursors now. As consultants, we advise large companies on how to deal with digitalization. There we see the manifold tactics that are used, often subconsciously, to uphold classical...

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online meetings

Online Meetings in 2021: Here’s What You Don’t Know to Succeed!

You want your team to be better, but you’re kind of annoyed by online meetings? They’re inefficient? Exhausting? Poor results? You’re looking for something better?  You’re not alone! Millions of people have this problem every day. And then what happens? Along comes breakthrough technology to solve the problem. We’ll show...

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#asyncfirst video conferencing

Why #asyncfirst Matters – Reflections on a Global Swing

Have you ever seen the #asyncfirst (async-first) badge on the profiles of LinkedIn or AngelList users? Want to know what’s behind it? Let’s find out.  Honestly, who isn’t totally amazed at how quickly and smoothly the whole world was able to switch to remote work in just a few months?...

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async video meetings for slack

Async Video Meetings in Slack – Free up Your Calendar in 2021

Since COVID shocked us into working remotely, more and more people have come to understand that remote work alone is not the solution. Instead, we need to give people the freedom to decide when they work so they can freely regulate their work-life balance and thus increase their efficiency. And here async video...

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remote work world with asynchronous video meetings

Mindfully Maximise Connection in Your Remote-Work World

Photo by ready made from Pexels When working from home became our new normal Stunned by the sudden twist of all our fates, we hurriedly built our home-office utopias.  Hastily cleared dining tables became desks while playrooms made way for printers. We pushed aside laundry and brooms, boxes and toys to stake our...

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sync-asynchronous video meetings

Sync-Async: What Are “Synchronous-Asynchronous Video Meetings”?

To understand the question in the title, we first need to know what the difference is between synchronous and asynchronous video meetings. On the structural level, the differences are huge; on the technical level, they are explained in two sentences: 1) Synchronous video meetings work with live telephony, and participants talk to each...

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Asynchronous Video Conferencing allows more autonomy

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Video Conferencing in 2021

During COVID, people have quickly learned how helpful remote work is. In the process, it has become clear that some of the benefits of remote work only really come into play when colleagues do not have to constantly arrange synchronous meetings, around which they have to build their daily schedules. ...

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The Remote Readiness Diamond

It's no coincidence that we're experiencing a boost in remote work right now while Covid-19 is changing the world. We are entering the sixth Kondratiev cycle, in which holistic health is the central subject. This includes a healthy remote culture, which we characterize in a special diagram: the Remote-Readiness Diamond.

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video conferencing app

The Zoom Alternative: A Remedy for Zoom Fatigue

Zoom fatigue is a rampant disease that is affecting more and more remote workers around the world. What is it? Where does it come from, and what can be done about it? We introduce a new approach: fractal conferencing or time-independent meetings provide a new way to connect.

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