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What are the top apps for Record and transcribe meetings app?  

There are a number of apps that can be useful for meeting transcription, depending on your needs. Some of the most popular apps for this purpose include Timz Flower, Rev, and Transcribe Me. Otter is a popular AI-powered app that offers real-time transcription and voice-to-text features. Both iOS and Android

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7 Ways to Make Meetings More Efficient – Timz Flower

Most people dread attending meetings because they tend to be long, unproductive, and a waste of time. However, there are ways to Make Meetings More Efficient so that they are shorter, more productive, and more worthwhile. Below are some tips on how to make meetings more efficient: 1. Start on

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How do I Arrange meeting in different time zones?

Arranging a meeting that works for everyone can be a challenge, especially when people are in different time zones. Here are some suggestions to make that happen. First, decide what time zone everyone is in. This is important because you will need to consider what time it is for everyone

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Uncategorized Has Been Elected as One of the Best Startups in EMEA

In Spring 2022, Founder Institute selected us as one of the best startups in EMEA. Additionally, Feedspot recently named our blog one of the best blogs for webinars. Founder Institute Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator. With, we graduated in the Berlin Chapter of the FI in

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