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Your First Steps: Create a New Workspace

As a team leader or host in order to communicate with your team, you should set up a workspace. We call this a “garden”.  Just click on the plus sign in the left column.


This will take you to a dialog box where you can set up your workspace. You can upload a thumbnail, set the general transscript language, define a description and a title and limit the maximum length of the word posts. Note: This maximum length only applies to individual recordings, not to LiveCalls.

Create Your First Meeting

Now you want to start discussing with your team. To do so, click on the green meeting button. This will lead you to a selection.

Here you have several options:

a) Set up a LiveCall
b) record a video statement
c) record an audio statement
d) capture a screen recording
e) post an internet link
f) upload a file
g) post a sticky note


You can upload different file types like docs, PDF, ZIP, mp3, PNG, JPEG and mp4.

In the current version v1.0, January 2022, only about 120MB of video can be uploaded. If your video is larger, it’s best to handbreak it before uploading: