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Release Train: 2020 August 14

Optimization of the Flower Viewport, better use of space on mobile devices. Bulk email notifications.

Optimization of the Flower Viewport

We have optimized the viewport of the Flower on mobile devices. That means the Flower will be bigger, both the Seed and the Petals, if they are activated.

Previously the faces of the contributors were too small, and the users had the feeling that they wanted to zoom in.

  • better usage of space
  • stabilization of the flower system into a circular viewport
  • bigger petal magnification
  • uniform and absolute – not relative – thickness of the seek-bar (circular timeline with shuttle function)
  • You can still see that the screen needs better arrangement of the items, but we will improve this during the next releases.

Bulk Email Notifications

At the moment, one of our major communication channels to inform users about new contributions is email. But as coworkers in big companies are overwhelmed by emails, we decided to provide the option for bulk email notifications so that not every new contribution leads to a new mail in the inbox.

We are also working on additional notification channels, such as through the browser, through slack channels, and within native apps, but it will take us a while until we have implemented all of that.

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