Keep your team in the loop

Receive text and video summaries, highlights, and action items 

directly in Slack.

Catch up instantly on the main discussion points

Don’t waste time watching long recordings or asking your teammates for updates. With AI-generated text summary, you can find out what was discussed in seconds, not hours.

Get automated video summaries

Timz.Flowers algorithm automatically generates a video summary of key moments based on your bookmarks and keywords.

We care about your privacy

To keep your content protected, we combine GDPR-compliant security measures with regular security audits. Learn more

How it works

Step 1

Sign up to timz.flowers

Create timz.flowers account in order to use our Slack plugin.

Step 2

Connect the garden to your Slack workspace

Note: You can only connect gardens that you have created yourself. 

Step 4

Use command /timz.flowers

Use the  /timz.flowers command in order to start a video call.
With /timz.flowers async you can start an async meeting.

Step 5

Record your video call

Record your meeting to get all the discussion insights sent to Slack.

Step 6

Get the meeting minutes

Once the call is over, your team members will be able to access meeting minutes in Slack.

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