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Add asynchronous video conferencing to your Slack!

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Step 1

Sign up to timz.flowers

Create timz.flowers account in order to use our Slack plugin.

Step 2

Create a new garden

You need to have at least one garden, to be able to connect to Slack. If you don’t have one create it. 

Step 3

Connect the garden to your workspace

Connect your garden with a simple click to the Slack Workspace. Note : You can connect only the garden which you personally created. If you’re a garden member , ask the garden admin to connect the garden.

Async video Meetings for Slack

Step 4

Use command /timz.flowers create

You can use the command /timz.flowers create [name of flower] in order to create flowers in your preferred Slack channel.
Alternative: You can also create a flower directly in the timz.flowers app and send it to a Slack channel. You can watch our short movie at the top of this page.

Step 5

Record your Flower

When link is clicked, you’ll be redirected to app.timz.flowers video recording flow.

Async video meetings for Slack

Step 6

Get notification in Slack

When flower is submitted, the channel gets the notification that the new Flower is available. Workspace members can directly respond to it by clicking on reply. 

Async video conferencing how

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