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Add timz to Slack

Watch our software architect, Sergio, on how to integrate timz and Slack.

To add timz to Slack, follow this link, or click on “Get started” and sign up/in:

1.) Click on “Add To Slack”

2.) Sign Up

3.) Go to Profile

4.) Add timz to your workspace

Create a Flower in Slack

Step 1: Use Create Command

The example in the image will create a Flower with the title “My first flower.” The bot then provides a link for you, invisible to all other participants in the Slack Channel where you are in that moment.

/ create [title]

{create-command in public slack channel}

The example in the image will create a flower with the title “My first flower”. The bot then provides a link for you, invisible to all other participants in the Slack Channel where you are in that moment.

{The link is only visible to you}}
Step 2: Record Your Seed

By clicking on the link, you get directly redirected to the Flower creation in a new web-kit window. In case you are not signed up/in, you have to choose one of the multiple options to do so.

You can review and recapture your recording if you like. Don’t forget to press the submit button after you are happy with your Seed.

{Record your seed}

After creating your Flower-Seed, the channel gets a notification that a new Flower is available and you can directly respond to it by clicking on reply. 

Be aware that new users need to sign up at timz for their first contribution.

{The channel receives a notification}

Redirect Petal-Notifications in Different Slack Channels

You can easily redirect Petal notifications in different Slack channels. To do so, click on the Slack icon in the Flower viewport.

Now a pop-up dialogue appears that lets you choose from all available Slack channels. The only exception are notifications in private Slack channels. There you have to add the Slack bot before you can obtain notifications. 

Attention: This is different from changing the Slack workspaces. That will come soon (Sept 2020)

{Use this button for redirect}

Timz-Notifications in Private Slack Channels

The communication in timz takes place in a Flower. The information in the middle we call Seed, the information around it we call Petals.

When a new Petal is added, the participants of the Flower receive a notification, depending on their notification settings.

In Slack, the notification is sent to the channel where the Flower was created. However, there is one restriction: in private Slack channels, we cannot send Petal notifications unless the users add the timz-bot to the channel first.

It works like this:

A) Select the private channel

B) Click on the name of the channel: Now a selection menu with the name “Details” opens on the right side

C) Click on “more” (…): now another menu opens

D) Click on “Add apps”

E) Click on (time-independent meetings)

Now you have added the bot to your private channel. Now every time someone contributes to your Flower with a Petal, a notification will be sent to this channel, and you will be informed immediately.

{ gets added to a private channel in Slack. So the channel can receive notifications when new contributions have been added (petals)}